“I dreaded my root canal. Dr. Spradley numbed the tooth with only one shot! The process took approximately 30 minutes. It was fast and painless. The level of customer service is excellent. Dr. Spradley followed up my procedure with a telephone call. My best experience ever with a root canal.”
Alice Kirk
“Dr. Spradley has been there with me in many ways. My patients enjoy Dr. Spradley and he takes great care of them. I put a lot of trust in Dr. Spradley and, again thanks for all that you have done for me and our patients.”
Monte Wainwright D.D.S.
“Dr. Spradley, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, even though you had to be the bearer of bad news. I sincerely appreciated your professionalism and your courteous staff. Too often in life, and in business we don’t get praised for a job well done, so I thought I’d reach out to you to say thanks for making an unfortunate outcome for me as painless as possible. You guys did a great job. Thanks!”
Joel E.
“Very fast and pain free, plus a very kind and understanding staff. I would recommend anyone to go to this office for a root canal!”
Stacy L.
“I can not even express how thankful I am that you were able to help fund my project for iPads for my class. My heart is so full. I am so glad that you can see my vision for the future with my students. This project will enable my students to do small group projects, use educational applications, and work together on innovative lessons. Thank you again for all of your help and your wonderful donation! I can’t wait to share the iPads with my amazing class!”
Mrs. Evans
“Dr. Spradley did an amazing job on my 8 year old root-canal. Him and his team made this terrible experience , a great experience for my child. Me and my family also loved that he called later that night to check- up and make sure our little Paige was doing well.”
Thank You Spradley Endodntics
“Very fast and pain free! My kind of dentist.”
Dana L.